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Kovalentics | Ferdinand A Kovacic | +43-664-169-1903 |



EDUCATION | LEARNING.   MA Economics | University of Graz.   MBA Finance | New York University | STERN School of Business | Fulbright Scholar.   Life-long Blended Learning

ACADEMIA Assistant Professor | Institute of Economics | University of Graz. Economics | Economic Policy.   History of Economic Theory | JM Keynes

PHARMA | ANIMAL HEALTH.     Pharmaceuticals | Agriculture | Eli Lilly and Elanco | Research and Manufacturing.   Multi-National Corporation | Emerging and Developing Markets | Central and Eastern Europe | North Africa | Near and Middle East.    Finance | Operations | Leadership | Multiple Functional Roles | Project Management | Business Development | Post-Merger Integrations

YOUTH WORK.    Association of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides Austria | Scout Leader | Skills for Life Program. Mentoring | Erzdioezese Wien | Hands-On | Young jobseekers

EUROPE-AFRICA Worktank Europe-Africa | Co-Founder

PERSONAL.    Photography. Music | Design | Arts.    Philosophy | Social Sciences | Environs.    Outdoors.

“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”  Robert A Heinlein



Kovacic Consulting is an Independent Service Boutique which focuses on integrating business | work model development with organisational development in a balanced, economical, and pragmatic way. Special attention is paid to global competencies in general and to capabilities when working (now: resuming work) with and in emerging | developing markets in specific. A passion of mine is the youth-elder nexus, merging generational diversity of capabilities and mind sets, thereby enhancing enjoyment as well as productivity on both sides.

I do perform analysis work, support with consultancy, and accompany short-term projects and long-term initiatives in the various “dimensions of organisations” of strategy, organisation, culture, leadership + team development, innovation, and operational excellence. The overall approach is based on three short reflections (1-3) and one key principle (4):


Delivering results means effectively bridging the full 360° cycle from initial diagnosis to final delivery. Much good intent and strategic an innovation work fails in the execution phase. Reasonable investments into pro-active “boundary spanning”, i.e. the thoughtful orchestration and alignment of resources and organisational capabilities across “silos” – together with honest feedback loops – are critical.

Total effectiveness arises not solely from optimising single parts, but equally from improving relationships amongst them. A careful (sometimes even “down”) scaling and matching of projects and initiatives, proper pacing and timing can help avoid negative feedback loops. Quite often, less is actually more. This, however, requires a culture of shared understanding and mutuality.

Working off the project or the initiative is not sufficient. Developing permanent and long-term internal capabilities needs to take place simultaneously, rather rapidly, in an economical way and based on immediate needs. This is best done (a) project-based and (b) within the framework of a strategic and modular “curriculum” (for a mock-up see Academy). Material attention should go to methodological abilities directed at exploration, organising connectivity and interdependencies, and dealings with dynamics.

In the face of increasingly limited global resources we need to engage in mutually workable compromises continuously and deliberately: the type and shape of a common future which can assure long-term sustainability and safety for all of us. How we approach and solve this is as much a question of our idea of man and nature as, say, one of technological advancements. My target group are hence principled and constructively critical leaders at all levels and their teams who care about delivering organisational and business results as well as about contributing to “Total Impact”.

My Philosophy. Co-development | Co-evolution

My Professional Background. A Neo-Generalist Portfolio

Economics | Teaching | Research

Emerging | Developing Markets

Business Stewardship


Integrated Supply Chain Management

Acquisition | Post-Merger Integration

Quality Assurance


Pharma | Animal Health

Strategizing | Strategy Implementation

International Finance

Distributor Management

Risk | Credit Management

Legal Entities | Establishment | Dissolutions

Ethics & Compliance | Internal Controls

T&D | Leadership

Youth Work

Operations | Operational Excellence

Business Planning | Reporting

Commercial Services | Export Business

Commercial Contracting

Business Development

IT Systems Development

Lean Project | Program Management

“Effective executive leadership comprises three equal components: producing desired results, ensuring long-term sustainability, and enhancing the well-being of the workforce.”  Pete Hammett


I will publish, step by step, my materials, learnings, concepts and make them available under an open source concept. Please consider two things: first, all publication are issued under the registered trade mark Kovalentics . Second, they come with a Creative Commons license which allows usage under condition of quoting the source  but are strictly for non-commercial purposes. We all build on the shoulders of others: I am thankful for that and will try to make sure to display my sources wherever known and possible.

If you see value in them, feel free to use them. For any information and background, contact me on a pro bono basis. And if you would like to join in the effort, with pleasure. The day got 24 hours only, and there’s much to be done…

“Sorgt doch, dass ihr, die Welt verlassend, nicht nur gut wart, sondern verlasst eine gute Welt.” “When you leave this word, make sure you have not only acted for good, but leave behind a good world.”  Bertolt Brecht


This website is work in progress. What you see is only the beginning. Keep coming back for more.