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EDUCATION | LEARNING.   MA Economics | University of Graz.   MBA Finance | New York University | STERN School of Business | Fulbright Scholar.   Life-long Blended Learning

ACADEMIA Assistant Professor | Institute of Economics | University of Graz. Economics | Economic Policy.   History of Economic Theory | JM Keynes

PHARMA | ANIMAL HEALTH.     Pharmaceuticals | Agriculture | Eli Lilly and Elanco | Research and Manufacturing.   Multi-National Corporation | Emerging and Developing Markets | Central and Eastern Europe | North Africa | Near and Middle East.    Finance | Operations | Leadership | Multiple Functional Roles | Project Management | Business Development | Post-Merger Integrations

YOUTH WORK.    Association of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides Austria | Scout Leader | Skills for Life Program. Mentoring | Erzdioezese Wien | Hands-On | Young jobseekers

EUROPE-AFRICA.  Worktank Europe-Africa | Co-Founder | Association Board Member

PERSONAL.    Photography. Music | Design | Arts.    Philosophy | Social Sciences | Environs.    Outdoors.

UNI Graz. NYU. Stern. Lilly. Elanco. HIB Liebenau

»A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.«  Robert A Heinlein

KOVACIC CONSULTING e.U. | International Business Management

Kovacic Consulting. Logo. Legacy. Unique Style of Consulting

Kovacic Consulting is an Independent Service Boutique providing a unique mix of Business Research, Strategic Project | Initiative Management and Organisational Development [OD] for the International Business arena.  Focus: Emerging Markets | Africa. Specialty: 3P | 4P Public | Private Producer Partnerships.

We help deliver results from strategic projects and initiatives while in parallel enabling the development of people and organisational capabilities for the long run. Delivery centres upon a purposefully holistic design, yet very pragmatic execution approach, together with careful analysis and exploration.  Development bases on modular concepts and customised, strategic learning pathways.  Matching both is achieved through measured integration of project work and OD interventions.

Delivery and Development. Analysis. Strategic Management of Projects and Initiatives. Academy. Concepts. Integration
Studio for Productivity and Creativity. External view. Capacity & spaqce. Co-evolution. Co-creation. Sparring partenr. Results & Learning

Our services blend Business Research, Project Management, Strategy and Exploration, Corporate Finance and Organisational Development [OD]. For a holistic approach, we use our own distinct and comprehensive Business and Management System. An exemplary OD concept portfolio for general and global skills can be seen in Academy together with its distinct 7-D Development Process.

Engagements are possible in a variety of configurations: lectures and presentations, workshops, customised concept development and longer-term Initiative Accompaniment or Interims Management. For strategic ventures, a Co-founder approach with respective Co-ownership shares is also welcome.

The overall approach is based on three short reflections (1-3) and one key principle (4):

Delivering results requires effectively bridging the full 360° cycle from initial diagnosis to final delivery. Much good intent and strategic innovation work fails in the execution phase. Reasonable investments into pro-active boundary spanning, the thoughtful orchestration and alignment of resources and organisational capabilities across silos, are critical.

Total effectiveness arises not from optimising single parts, but equally from improving relationships amongst them. A careful scaling and matching of projects and initiatives, together with proper pacing and timing, helps to avoid negative feedback loops. Quite often, less is actually more.

Successfull delivery of short-term project or initiative results alone is insufficient. Sustainability requires the parallel development of permanent and long-term internal and ecosystem capabilities. This is best done project-based and within the framework of a strategic, modular curriculum (see Academy). In times of escalating ambivalence, increased attention must go to methodological cabilities such as exploration, organising connectivity and dealing with interdependencies and dynamics.

In the face of increasingly limited global resources, we need to engage in mutually workable compromises continuously and deliberately, to assure long-term sustainability and safety for all of us. How we approach and solve this is as much a question of our idea of man and nature as, say, one of technological advancements. My target group are principled and constructively critical leaders at all levels and their teams who care about delivering organisational and business results as well as about contributing to Total Impact.

Professional Background and Experiences

Economics | Teaching | Research

Emerging | Developing Markets

Business Stewardship


Integrated Supply Chain Management

Acquisition | Post-Merger Integration

Quality Assurance


Pharma | Animal Health

Strategizing | Strategy Implementation

International Finance

Distributor Management

Risk | Credit Management

Legal Entities | Establishment | Dissolutions

Ethics & Compliance | Internal Controls

T&D | Leadership

Youth Work

Operations | Operational Excellence

Business Planning | Reporting

Commercial Services | Export Business

Commercial Contracting

Business Development

IT Systems Development

Lean Project | Program Management

»Effective executive leadership comprises three equal components: producing desired results, ensuring long-term sustainability, and enhancing the well-being of the workforce.«  Pete Hammett


I have named the works of developing and publishing this integrated business and organisation management system together with its concepts »Project Kovalentics ®«. The word »covalent« (kovalent in German) refers to a chemical, molecular  bond between a pair of atoms in which both atoms contribute to a stable electronic configuration. Unity in the face of polarity, achieved through reciprocity, so to speak. It fits the endeavours well, to help contribute to practical orientation and long-term stability in the face of complexity and increased antagonisms by connecting the dots.

Everything is a remix. I am collecting, varying/transforming and combining a multitude of inputs from a variety of sources when developing comprehensive approaches, concepts and (arts/design-based) interpretions in the form of cartographies and other (visual) overviews. When doing so, I do, as all of us, stand on the shoulders of others and build upon their work.

Homage. I do study my sources very carefully. Much of the inspirations come in the form of collectivised knowledge, whereby identification of the originator(s) is no longer feasible without undue efforts. Wherever the sources are known, however, and the originator(s) can be identified with reasonable effort, homage is paid to them and their contributions.

References. Credit is given by citing references to key sources, inputs, authors, articles, books, websites and other materials on each respective drawing, graphic or written contribution. No “all rights reserved” inputs are used at the best of my knowledge. Inputs with “some rights reserved” licenses remain off course unaffected by the stricter license of the (new) mix. References must not be removed.

Kovalentics ® is a registered trademark. All materials are published under this trademark. It is part of the attribution and must not be removed from the materials.

Creative Commons. The content of this site is made available under a Creative Commons [CC] license with porting 4.0 (intl) and 3.0 (AT, DE, CH). Materials can be copied, distributed or translated under the conditions of Attribution [BY], NonCommercial [NC] and NoDerivatives [ND].

  • [BY] Attribution. Information cited from this web site must be referred to as Ferdinand A Kovacic | Kovalentics ® |
  • [NC] NonCommercial. By default, NONE of the materials or concepts from this website can be used for commercial purposes without my explicit consent. Education: The content of this site can be freely used for personal development or educational purposes such as presentations or workshops when free of charge. Educational institutions charging for course-work in any form, however, need to request use. Publishing: Permission to use any graphic material herein in any form of publication, such as an article, a book, or a conference presentation, on any media must be requested prior to use. Commercial entities: Commercial companies in general, and individual consultants or consultancy firms wishing to use materials also need to contact me. Fees depend on the intended scope of use and are generally reasonable. Not-For-Profits: A wholescale copy, adoption and organisation-wide roll-out of the business and management system presented here (see especially the section Academy) is considered commercial-type use. Authorisation can be granted but only upon request and respective coordination.
  • [SA] ShareAlike. The majority of contributions allows for the adaptation of work for your own purposes. In the case of redistribution (copy, publish, display, communicate), however, you have to attribute this original work here and use the same CC license. See the license included in the individual contribution.
  • [ND] NoDerivatives. The integrity of some of the pictures, drawings or maps shall remain unchanged. See the license included in the individual contribution.

Copy, vary, combine …

I have borrowed the expression »everything is a remix« (in the Credits tab) from Kirby Ferguson‘s clever and entertaining website Everthing is a Remix And as to the topic of honest copy, see the helpful little book Steal link an Artist (DE: Alles nur geklaut) by Austin Kleon

»Sorgt doch, dass ihr, die Welt verlassend, nicht nur gut wart, sondern verlasst eine gute Welt.« »When you leave this word, make sure you have not only acted for good, but leave behind a good world.«  Bertolt Brecht